Wells Cathedral Visit Summer 2015

Fledgling Unit (YR, Y1 and Y2) from St. Julian’s Church School visited Wells Cathedral to see the beautiful stained glass windows. The children were interested in the story of the windows and the characters depicted in the windows.

The children were taken around the cathedral by volunteer guides under the guidance of the cathedral education officer. The children could shine torches onto different characters in the stained glass windows. A very effective way to help the children look at the windows and they also had the use of binoculars.

The children then went back to the Education Room and made colourful representations of the stained glass windows using different coloured paper.

This is one of the ‘stained glass’ windows made by one group of children They were very proud of their work and brought it back to school to go on display.

After walking around the cathedral and making their works of art it was lunchtime! It was a lovely sunny day so we ate our sandwiches in the cathedral garden.

We also looked out for Louis the Cathedral cat as we walked around the cathedral. He lives there and is looked after by the staff.

A most enjoyable day, well led by the education officer and her volunteers and tailored to our needs. We would definitely visit again.

Sue Rodford

Assistant Headteacher

St. Julian’s Church School, Wellow