Who we are

  • Local faith communities (including Christians other than the Church of England)
  • The Church of England
  • Teachers
  • The Local Education Authority
  • Co-opted members

What we do

Our main legal function is to advise our LEA on both Religious Education and Collective Worship
To this end we:

  • ensure the LEA regularly reviews its Agreed Syllabus for R.E.

  • consider applications (‘determinations’) from schools wanting their Collective Worship to be other than mainly of a Christian character

  • publish an Annual Report of our work

  • advise our LEA on teacher training

  • offer guidance on resources and methods of teaching

  • monitor inspection reports on RE; Collective Worship; Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

  • consider complaints about the provision and delivery of RE and Collective Worship

  • publicise our aims and services

We meet three times a year at either a local school, college or place of special religious interest. Members of the public may observe.

Contact SACRE for details of meetings, to acquire a handbook about the role of SACRE members, or for any other information.

SACRE Business

Download agendas and minutes for meetings as well as development plans.



Development Plans

National Association of SACREs (NASACRE)
Set up in 1993, NASACRE:

  • exists to strengthen local SACREs and to support them in carrying out all their responsibilities
  • stands for the value of RE within the whole school curriculum by supporting RE, which is determined locally
  • considers that the work of SACREs and Agreed Syllabus Conferences should involve genuine consultation at the local level with faith communities and teachers
  • seeks to maintain and develop lines of communication with the Department for Education and Skills and other relevant bodies
  • seeks to promote inter faith understanding and sensitivity
  • seeks to strengthen RE by promoting the key role of well-qualified teachers and advisers in all areas and facets of the subject
  • seeks to promote professional development in RE through initial teacher training and in-service training
  • campaigns for adequate levels of resourcing to achieve these aims 
  • intends to play a key role in any future debates about the place of RE and Collective Worship in schools

National Association of SACREs have their own website: www.nasacre.org.uk