Longvernal School trips to Glastonbury and Bath Abbey

Last year, the children in Key Stage One had the opportunity to go to the cultural and heritage town of Glastonbury. The children walked to the top of the Tor to visit St. Michael’s Tower and take advantage of their spiritual surroundings associated with the Tor. The children also visited Glastonbury Abbey where they experienced the religious elements of the site and even dressed up as Monks. Despite living within 20 miles of both of the sites, many of the children had not been before, so visiting both of the religious sites was a first and memorable trip.

In December of last year the children of Key Stage Two had the chance to go to bath Abbey to participate in a Christmas Carol Concert. Many of the children had not been to the Abbey before or experienced the sheer magnitude of the building. The children were fascinated by the memorials, religious statues and iconography around the building. They had the chance to see all of the stain glassed windows and some even went up in the large pulpit. The children really enjoyed the religious ceremony of the concert and would really like to experience it again this year.