Chandag Junior School

Hinduism Workshops - 2017


Mita Gadher worked with the Year 5 children at Chandag Junior School during the Summer Term. She worked with 2 classes of approx. 35 children, one class in the morning and one in the afternoon.

She talked to the children about Hinduism and the Gods and Goddesses associated with the religion. She explained to the children that many Hindus have their own favourite Gods who they pray to. The children were given lots of opportunities to ask questions about the Gods and how Hindus practice their faith.

All the children were able if they wished to try on traditional Hindu clothes and Mita talked to them about the clothing. She then played some Indian music and the children were all given the opportunity to learn some traditional stick dances.

All the children enjoyed the sessions and many commented about how much they had learnt from it when writing their end of year school reviews. 

Linda Pillinger